Vogue Magazine


August 2009

Christy Turlington’s Age Issue Vogue.A real treat! It would have been great if it wasn’t for the mass retouching and Photoshopping-sleeking-evening. Who knows, maybe Christy really ended up looking like a 40-year-old (real) woman!The cover photo is signed by Steven Klein and the inside editorial’s photographer is Alex Majoli. If you were expecting something model-ish for Christy in this age issue by Vogue, don’t hold your breath! Her story is all about filming in Guatemala (a documentary called No woman, no cry portraying the third world motherhood), getting a masters degree at Columbia University, bonus a picture with her family (actor husband Ed Burns and two children Grace and Finn). Not bad. I guess they were out of Angelina-refugees camps news and happy-family image stories with Natalia Vodianova and her aristocratic family.