Top Ten Sexy Men

clive1.Clive Owen

Clive Owen (born 3 October 1964) is a Golden Globe winning English actor.

Brad Pitt2.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt(born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and film producer.

Eric Bana3.Eric Bana

Eric “Bana” Banadinovi? (born August 9, 1968) is an Australian film and television actor.

Tom Cruise4.Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise  (born July 3, 1962) is an American actor and film producer.

Daniel Craig5.Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig (born 2 March 1968) is an English actor and film producer.

ChristianBale6.Christian Bale

Christian  Bale (born 30 January 1974) is an English actor.

Olivier Martinez7.Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez (born January 12, 1966) is a French film actor.

leonardo_dicaprio8.Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio (born November 11, 1974) is an American actor and film producer.

KeanuReeves9.Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian-American-British actor.

calin farell10.Colin Farrell

Colin James Farrell (born May 31, 1976) is an Irish actor.



  1. I can’t believe Colin only came in at number ten! Oh well, at least he made it into the top ten 😉

  2. Its my opinion.and i think that he have a good position

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