The title Mrs. Russia got a mother of 6 children

Catherine Kirmel - Mrs. RussiaThe contest “Mrs Russia 2015″ won Ekaterina Kirmel from St. Petersburg, a mother of six children. This was reported on the official website of the show to Facebook.

In the final of the competition, a prerequisite for participation in the marriage and which have the presence of at least one child, passed 15 competitors aged 22 to 43 years. 11 participants were blondes and only four – brunettes, one of which eventually won the crown.

Catherine Kirmel 37 years old, she has two higher education, dances, is engaged in bodybuilding and athletics. Her eldest son, 17 years old, the youngest – 12. Daughters – 10, 9, 6 and 4 years old.

The contest “Mrs Russia” held since 1998, but has received wide recognition in 2013. Then his winner Inna Zhirkov, the wife of a football player Yuri Zhirkov, during an interview with TV presenter Boris Sobolev could not answer basic questions, and later abandoned the title. In 2015, the final of the competition took place in Moscow.


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