Jared Leto Venice Film Festival

qwJared Leto attends the premiere of his latest film Mr. Nobody during the 66th Venice Film Festival on Friday (September 11) in Venice, Italy.
Synopsis: In the year 2092, a time when Mars is a vacation spot, Nemo Nobody (Leto) is a 120-year-old man who is the last mortal among humans who have become immortal due to scientific advances. When Nemo is on his deathbed, he reviews the three possible existences and marriages he might have experienced.


George Clooney and Ewan McGregor:Red Carpet in Venice

66th International Venice Film Festival - 'The Men Who Stare AtContinuing with his time at the 66th International Venice Film Festival, George Clooney was spotted at a photo call for his new film “The Men Who Stare at Goats.”
Joined by Ewan McGregor, the “Burn After Reading” stud looked slick in a dark suit teamed with a light blue button-up shirt and black leather shoes.

George Clooney & Ewan McGregor Arriving At 66th International Ve66th International Venice Film Festival - 'The Men Who Stare At66th International Venice Film Festival - 'The Men Who Stare At66th International Venice Film Festival - 'The Men Who Stare At

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis: Red Carpet

elisabetta-canalis-george-clooney-red-carpet-02George Clooney hits the red carpet with his girlfriend, Italian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis, at the premiere of his new comedy, The Men Who Stare At Goats, at the Sala Grande during the 66th Venice Film Festival on Tuesday (September 8) in Venice, Italy.
Early reviews for the film are already in. Variety says Goats “fashions a superbly written loony-tunes satire, played by a tony cast at the top of its game.”


Matt Damon And Luciana Barroso On A Date In Venice

untitledMatt Damon and his wife Luciana take a romantic boat ride together in Venice, Italy on Sunday (September 6).
The 38-year-old actor will soon be hitting the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival for The Informant!, directed by Steven Soderbergh. Matt plays Mark Whitacre, a crooked executive who exposes his agricultural firm’s price-fixing tactics.INFphoto_1058689INFphoto_1058684


Paris Hilton and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt(Venice Film Festival)

parisAlways a fan of glitzy red carpet events, Paris Hilton was joined by Doug Reinhardt at the premiere of “Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans” during the 66th Venice Film Festival on Friday (September 4).
Held at the Sala Grande, the hotel heiress looked stunning in a shiny silver ensemble as she sauntered around with her on-again beau.
Always having something on the agenda, Miss Hilton kept busy overseas the previous evening – as she attended the opening ceremony of Coin Italian Clothier shop.
In related news, Miss Hilton will be allowed to file her lawsuit against Hallmark Cards, Inc for using her likeness and popular phrase “That’s Hot” in one of their greeting cards without permission.
According to a report, the card in question is called “Paris’s First Day as a Waitress” and shows Hilton telling a restaurant customer “Don’t touch that, it’s hot” as she serves a plate of food. The customer replies, “What’s hot?” and Paris answers, “That’s hot!” The inside of the card reads “Have a smokin’ hot birthday.”


Eva Mendes: Venice Film Festival Vixen

58225594Eva Mendes helped kick off the Opening Ceremony of the 66th Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy.
Looking glamorous as always in a red animal print strapless gown, the 35-year-old actress had cameras flashing like crazy as she attended the Baaria premiere at the Sala Grande, a big-budget, two-and-a-half-hour epic view of 20th century Sicily.
Billed as one of Italy’s most expensive ever movies costing $36 million, the first home-made film to open Venice for around 20 years officially kicked off 11 days of screenings, photo shoots, parties and red carpet glamour on the Lido island.
The world’s oldest film festival runs from September 2-12.


Top Ten Famous Cities

Paris1. Paris

An important settlement for more than two millennia, Paris is today one of the world’s leading business and cultural centres, and its influence in politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities.
Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with 45 million tourists every year in the Paris Region, 60% of whom are foreign visitors.There are numerous iconic landmarks among its many attractions, along with world-famous institutions and popular parks.If you want to experience Paris’ most essential attractions,you may choose:1.The Louvre,Notre Dame Cathedral,The Sorbonne and the Latin Quarter,Eiffel Tower,Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elys?es,Sacre Coeur and Montmartre,Boat Tour of the Seine River….


New Yorke

2. New York

New Yorkis a state in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States. New York City, which is geographically the largest city in the state and most populous in the United States, is known for its history as a gateway for immigration to the United States and its status as a financial, cultural, transportation, and manufacturing center. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, it is also a destination of choice for many foreign visitors.

The City with so many attractions and landmarks it is hard to know where to start. Some of them:Times Square,Empire State Building,Central Park,Statue of Liberty Tour,Wall Street,Chrysler Building.




3. Venice

Venice(Venezia) is a city in northern Italy, the capital of the region Veneto. The city stretches across 118 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy. The saltwater lagoon stretches along the shoreline between the mouths of the Po (south) and the Piave (north) Rivers.The Venetian Republic was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and a staging area for the Crusades and the Battle of Lepanto, as well as a very important center of commerce (especially silk, grain and spice trade) and art in the 13th century up to the end of the 17th century.You can admirate every stret in Venice.Some of them:Piazza San Marco in Venice, with St Mark’s Campanile,San Giorgio Maggiore Island from St. Mark’s Campanile,Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo,The Ponte dei Sospiri,Santa Maria della Salute,Piazza San Marco,St Mark’s Basilica….





4. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of Monaco’s administrative areas,sometimes erroneously believed to be a town or the country’s capital, just as Monaco-Ville.It is widely known for its casinos, gambling, glamour, luxurious yachts and for sightings of wealthy businessmen and famous people.Monte Carlo quarter includes not only Monte Carlo proper where the famous Le Grand Casino is located. It also includes the neighborhoods of Saint-Michel, Saint-Roman/Tenao, and the beach community of Larvotto. It borders the French town of Beausoleil.Monte Carlo is home to most of the Circuit de Monaco, on which the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place. It also hosts world championship boxing bouts, the European Poker Tour Grand Final and the World Backgammon Championship as well as fashion shows and other events. Although the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament is billed as taking place in the community, its actual location is in the adjacent French commune of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. Monte Carlo has been visited by royalty as well as the general public and movie stars for decades. The Monte Carlo Rally is one of the longest running and most respected car rallies, and marks the start of each rally season as the first event on the World Rally Championship calendar, but the rally takes place outside the Monte Carlo quarter.Sights of  Monte Carlo:Oceanographic Museum / Aquarium,Palais du Prince,The Salle Garnier Opera House,Le Meridien Beach Plaza,La Condamine,The Palais des Beaux Arts….

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5. Saint-Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a city and a federal subject (a federal city) of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Saint Petersburg is often described as the most Western city of Russia.Among cities of the world with over one million people, Saint Petersburg is the northernmost. The Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Russia’s political and cultural centre for 200 years, the city is sometimes referred to in Russia as the northern capital. A large number of foreign consulates, international corporations, banks and other businesses are located in Saint Petersburg.Saint Petersburg sights attract crowds of tourists all year round. Such famous attractions as Palace Square and the Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Admiralty, Bronze Horseman, Summer Garden and a lot of others help Saint Petersburg stay one of the most beautiful European cities,famous all over the world for its unique beauty and charm.

admiralty_sm bronze_horseman_sm hermitage_sm isaac_cathedral_sm mikhailovsky_castle_sm smolny_cathedral_sm


6. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Nevada, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and entertainment. The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment.Established in 1905, Las Vegas officially became a city in 1911. With the growth that followed, at the close of the century Las Vegas was the most populous American city founded in the 20th century (a distinction held by Chicago in the 19th century). The city’s tolerance for various forms of adult entertainment earned it the title of Sin City, and this image has made Las Vegas a popular setting for films and television programs. Outdoor lighting displays are everywhere on the Las Vegas Strip and are seen elsewhere in the city as well. As seen from space, the Las Vegas metropolitan area is the brightest on Earth.Sights:Caesars Palace,Circus-Circus,Imperial Palace
Auto Collection,MGM Grand Adventures,Stratosphere Tower…..

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7. Istanbul

Istanbul (historically Byzantium and Constantinople) is the largest city in Turkey and fourth largest city proper in the world with a population of 12.6 million. Istanbul is also a megacity, as well as the cultural and financial centre of Turkey. The city covers 27 districts of the Istanbul province.It is located on the Bosphorus Strait and encompasses the natural harbour known as the Golden Horn, in the northwest of the country. It extends both on the European (Thrace) and on the Asian (Anatolia) sides of the Bosphorus, and is thereby the only metropolis in the world that is situated on two continents. Located in the center of the Old World, Istanbul is one of the world’s great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties.SOme of Sights:Aya Sofya,Galata Tower,Dolmabah?e Palace,Blue Mosque,The Sultan Ahmed Mosque,Levent financial district,Maiden’s (Leander’s) Tower,Bosfor……




8. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second largest in the United States.Los Angeles is one of the world’s centers of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion, science, technology, and education. It is home to renowned institutions covering a broad range of professional and cultural fields, and is one of the most substantial economic engines within the United States. As the home base of Hollywood, it is known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, leading the world in the creation of motion pictures, television production and recorded music. The importance of the entertainment business to the city has led many celebrities to call Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs home.Sights:Disneyland,Universal Studios Hollywood,Rodeo Drive,Sunset Boulevard,Manhattan Beach,Six Flags Magic Mountain……






9. Moskow

Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is also the largest metropolitan area in Europe,and ranks among the largest urban areas in the world. Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre of Russia and the world, a global city. It is also the seventh largest city proper in the world, a megacity. Moscow is a major economic centre and is home to one of the largest numbers of billionaires in the world,in 2008 Moscow was named the world’s most expensive city for foreign employees for the third year in a row.There are so many Moscow sights, it would take ages to cover them! After all, Moscow is more than 850 years old.Sights:The Kremlin,Red Square,Tverskaya Ulitsa,The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Manezhnaya Square,Arbat,Gorky Park…….

180px-Moscow5 180px-Tsaritsino_from_helicopter-1 180px-Russia-Moscow-Cathedral_of_Christ_the_Saviour-6



10. Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and is located on the eastern side of the main island Honshu.The twenty-three special wards of Tokyo, each governed as a city, cover the area that was once the city of Tokyo in the eastern part of the prefecture, totalling over 8 million people. The population of the prefecture exceeds 12 million. The prefecture is the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, the world’s most populous metropolitan area with 35 million people and the world’s largest metropolitan economy. Tokyo, the capital of Japan is the major tourist focus in Japan. One of the crowded tourists’ hubs of world, the places of tourist interest in Tokyo are varied. The tourist sights in Tokyo ranges from palaces, gardens, shrines and temples of the yore to wonders of modern science.Some of them are:Imperial Palace,Tokyo Tower,Odaiba Island,Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon),Meiji-Jingu, Zojoji Temple,Roppongi Hills & Mori Tower…….