Elisabetta Canalis poses for Maxim October 2009

elisabettaIf there’s something about George Clooney we definitely cannot criticize, it’s his taste in women. After dating beauties Sarah Larson and Lisa Snowdon, he has moved on to the gorgeous Elisabetta Canalis. Full gallery after the break.
elisabetta-canalis_l3Canalis is a former TV presenter in Italy, as well as a model for several ad campaigns. She had bit parts in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Virgin Territory. Time will tell if this hot chick is the one George finally settles down with.

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Audrina Patridge Talks Tabloid Tall Tales

audrinaGiven her status as one of the hottest Reality TV stars in Hollywood, it’s no wonder Audrina Patridge is constantly the target of tabloid rumors.
The “Hills” hottie told press that the wackiest thing she’s heard about herself is “that I have chin implants, cheek implants, a nose job…God, everything!”
She continued, “I took my brother out one night, and he was my boyfriend the next day. I went out with a cousin another night, then he was my boyfriend. Someone also said I was pregnant with somebody’s love child. I was like, ‘Do I look pregnant?’”
As for her decision to part ways with “The Hills,” Audrina explained, “You know, it’s just something that I felt inside. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need all the petty drama and drinking and fighting. I’ve done that, and I’m ready to move on.


Beyonc? at Donbas Arena (Ukraine) on 29 Aug 2009

Beyonce0012The organizers of Donbas Arena Grand Opening are ready to unveil the name of the Grand Show guest star. So, welcome – Beyonc?! The renowned American star will give her first concert in Ukraine.
Opening of the new arena promises to be a breathtaking celebration. The Ceremony is produced by K-Events (Italy), a company with a solid record of opening and closing ceremonies for 2006 Turin Olympics, etc.
stadium“The Ceremony we are preparing is a big, challenging and very interesting project, and the guest-star concert is an integral part of it”, says Sergiy Palkin, FC Shakhtar CEO, Head of the Organizing Committee for Donbas Arena Opening Ceremony. “I’m happy Beyonc?, a worldwide best-charting pop-star, has accepted our invitation to sing at Donbas Arena Opening. Despite a tight tour schedule, Beyonc? gladly agreed to come to Donetsk. Her concert is a present from FC Shakhtar President for all supporters, locals and the whole Ukraine . I believe, Beyonc? ‘s concert will be a real pleasure for all FC Shakhtar supporters and will add to the beauty of the Grand Show”.
Concerts, performed by Beyonc?, are among this year’s top ranking shows.
Donbas Arena Opening Ceremony, is due on 29 August, will be broadcasted by Ukraina TV channel.