Julianne Hough at the premiere “This Is It”

julianneShe’s one of the fastest rising stars in the entertainment industry, and last night (October 27) Julianne Hough was spotted at the premiere of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” film.
The sexy singer/actress looked fabulous as she stopped to pose for pictures outside the Nokia Theatre LA Live venue in a black jacket with a black corset-style top and black leather pants.Following the massive premiere event, Julianne hooked up with fellow hotties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift for some dinner.The trio hit up Maggiano’s Italian restaurant. Miss Hough recently hinted that she’s gearing up for the role of Ariel in the upcoming “Footloose” remake. She tweeted, “Someone is transforming into a read head right now.


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Selena Gomez Pimping Her Band

selenaHere is Selena Gomez pimping out her new band debut album “Kiss & Tell” at their record release party at Siren Studios in Hollywood. So what, she’s a witch of Waverly Place who also sings Disney songs (Tinkerbell movie soundtrack) and is now the lead singer of her own band? Geez, Hollywood kids these days. They think they can do everything. You know what happens when you spread yourself too thin. You suck at everything. So just pick one and be good at it. And in Selena’s case, standing there and looking pretty.019528073