Fergie gave a killer performance at the Outside Lands Music & Art Fest

fewrgieWhen she’s on stage, she’s in her element, and over the weekend Fergie gave a killer performance at the Outside Lands Music & Art Fest.
The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” songstress looked super sexy in a zipped-up corset-style getup with strappy black heels as she worked the crowd.
Regarding the late Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein, Fergie and her Black Eyed Peas bandmates told press of the shock they felt when the heard the tragic news of his death.
Taboo commented, “Oh man, we were shocked [when we heard]. We couldn’t believe it. We were just with him [last] Friday in Las Vegas. We DJed with him and we took a couple pictures, and to hear it is devastating.”
Fergie recalled, “I remember going to this club called Firehouse back in the day. It was, like, the summer of ‘98 and he used to spin there. It’s a big dance club and this one night I remember there was basically 10 people in the club, but I really wanted to dance that night. It was the perfect night for me to practice dancing because not a lot of people were there and he was spinning, and they kept the club open and he kept spinning really good music. He was so cool like that.”
She continued, “He was just so talented and just such a cool, good-spirited person. There wasn’t a mean bone in that guy’s body, and it’s just really sad after what happened with him and Travis and now this, it’s really sad.”