Carven Le Vetiver – New Fragrance(2009)

carvenVetiver is the first fragrance for men by Carven. It was launched in 1957, reedited in 1997 and launched again recently in 2009. The first fragrance was created by Edouard Hache, while designer of the original flacon was Jacques Bocquet. Composition of the 1957 included lemon, lavender, nutmeg, mandarin and petit grain oil in top notes. A heart was composed of vetiver, cedar, bergamot, jasmine, carnation, iris root and sandalwood, while base notes incorporated amber, musk, moss and myrrh.
The new, 2009 edition, Le Vetiver is based on the old formula and encompasses natural materials of high quality. New owners of the house are authorized to relaunch this fragrance under the new name.Top notes are blossoming with mint, geranium, mandarin, lavender and absinth, a heart adds aromas of vetiver from Haiti, Dutch jinn, cold spices and patchouli, finishing with labdanum and musk.
Its flacon is more modern (on main photo), coloured in white, with a stopper of grey wood resembling vetiver root. Creator is art director of the house, Ludovic Alban. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100ml edp.

Strictly Private by Baldessarini-New Perfume

privateStrictly Private by Baldessarini is a oriental spicy fragrance for men. Strictly Private is a new fragrance and it was introduced in 2009. Top notes are basil, bergamot, juniper and pink pepper; middle notes are vetiver, resin, patchouli and rose; base notes are vanilla, amber and cedar.

Madonna Nudes 1979 – New Fragrances

madonnaThe Madonna Nudes 1979 fragrance duo, inspired by a series of photographs of the pop star taken by Martin H.M. Schreiber in 19791, will launch this month.
Madonna Nudes 1979 for Men (shown above left) features notes of citron, grapefruit peel, olive blossom, star anise, cardamom, tonka bean, tobacco, teak and musk.
Madonna Nudes 1979 for Women (shown above right) includes tangerine, pomegranate, lotus petals, orange flower, magnolia, gardenia, atlas cedar, amber, and cashmere musk.

Kylie Minogue Inverse-New Fragrance

inverseKylie Minogue will launch Inverse, her first fragrance for men, in August. The new scent is for “all facets of a man…day or night” and the tag line is “Two facets. One scent”. The fragrance is fronted by model Andr?s Velencoso Segura.
Inverse features notes of lavender, cardamom, coriander, pepper, mint, star anise, blood orange, benzoin, nutmeg, tonka bean, heliotrope, labdanum, cedar, amber, musk, evaporated milk and patchouli.
Kylie Minogue Inverse will be available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette.


Roberto Verino Gold-New Perfume

rvRoberto Verino has launched Roberto Verino Gold, a new woody floriental fragrance for women. Gold is for the woman who is “naturally elegant, without showing off, but with the charming aloofness of one who is effortlessly stylish”.
Gold was developed by perfumer Olivier Polge; the notes include bergamot, gardenia, rose, jasmine, orris root, white peony, sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, musk and white amber.
Roberto Verino Gold is available in 30, 50 and 90 ml Eau de Parfum.

Amber Rose Elle Magazine October 2009

amber-rose-elle-magazine-october-2009-721x1024When asked about the collaborative process with West on their inaugural shoot for ELLE, Rose laughs. “We’re like total opposites,” she says. “he’ll pick out something and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, God, I don’t like that at all.’ And then I’ll pick out something and he’ll be like, ‘Babe, just… no.’ I’m more electric pink and bright yellow. And Kanye’s more like nude and bone. Like, bone is his favorite color. I’m like, whose favorite color is bone?
Amber Rose, a video vixen who’s appeared in music videos including Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like,” Young Jeezy’s “Vacation,” and West’s “Robocop,” recently signed a contract with Ford Models and is planning to study acting a possibly launch her own line of sunglasses. She admits that she and West “are dating and enjoying each other’s company,” but is adamant that her personal style is just that, personal. “I’m not like his Barbie,” says Rose about West, who wanted her to try on a gown for the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th Anniversary Gala at Lincoln Center in March. Instead, Rose chose an all-white cocktail wrap-dress by Alexander Wang, complete with a thigh-flashing slit.
I didn’t want to wear a long gown,” Rose says. “So then we get to the Met and everybody has a long gown. I was like, great. I didn’t know what the Met was!”amberamber-rose-elle-magazine-photos amber-rose-elle-october-2009

Christian Dior Fahrenheit Absolute-New Perfume

FahrenheiChristian Dior will launch Fahrenheit Absolute, a darker, “more intense” version of 1988’s .Fahrenheit absolute is a very special perfume. Not extremely innovative, but very good and with an excellent packaging. Fahrenheit used to be a major scent of the late 80’s early 90’s – original, sophisticate, worn by many business men, loved by many women and hated by many others (the green violet can do that!). But the new Absolute is not just a flanker, nor an absolute, intense version of the original. It is an interpretation that suggests the deepest shade of that precious red, found in the original creation. It’s all about flames. Not the top notes and the freshness of Fahrenheit were accentuated, but the deepest dark notes. Dior Fahrenheit absolute is an oriental with deep woods, smoky notes, amber, guaiac, some soft and precious leather elements and maybe some oud elements (not very obvious). The top is very sharp and aromatic with bitter ingredients that will cut your heart. There is something intoxicating inside – imagine an oriental palace with beautiful wood sculptures and intricate decorations that are on fire. Dior Fahrenheit Absolute will be available in 50 and 100 ml.


CH Men (for men)-Perfume

hjCH Men was presented in 2009 as a modern companion to edition CH Women from 2007. Concept of the fragrance is ‘unity of the opposites’ intertwined of elegance and eccentricity. Top notes incorporate luminous bergamot and grapefruit skin, adding a spicy heart full of saffron and nutmeg blended with woody notes, jasmine and violet. A base is composed of amber, vanilla, leather, moss and sugar. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100ml.


Juliette Has a Gun – Lady Vengeance, Miss Charming, Citizen Queen

juliettehasagunJuliette Has a Gun is a high-end collection of three feminine fragrances (two more are in the pipeline), with an innovative urban-chic image. Its key target market is trendy, fashion-forward, luxe-loving women aged approximately 25-45.serieElegant yet bristling with wild, thorny rose, Lady Vengeance hides its claws under velvety rose petals, soft patchouli and seductive vanilla. Sly and charming under her rosy exterior, Lady Vengeance lays waste to the non-believers in the seductive powers of rose by wrapping her legs around earthy patchouli and dipping her fingers in the time honored man slayer of golden vanilla, a combination that’s impossible to deny. Resistance is futile! Lady Vengeance top notes are Bulgarian rose, vanilla, patchouli.lady-vengeanceMiss Charming bats her eyelashes with innocence and virginal sweetness, a gentle rose scent sweetened with a burst of wild fruits resulting in a wispy and flirty perfume that brightens any occasion. I bet your friends and coworkers will stand a little closer when you wear this, smile a little more and chat a little longer. It might be your sparkling wit and scintillating conversation, suspect it’s just Miss Charming working her sweet, sweet magic. Miss Charming notes are Moroccan rose, musk, wild fruits.miss-charmingJuliette had a gun, now it also has a crown. Citizen Queen the third weapon in this hip series of rose fragrances is the most powerful one yet. Blended with amber and patchouli, the dark, leathery rose at the center of the composition takes no prisoners. Violet and iris soften the striking mix, adding a charming retro quality to the perfume. Veiled by this delicately powdery accord, the rose is mysterious, elusive, endlessly intriguing. Citizen Queen main notes are Leather, Bulgarian Rose, Iris, Amber, Immortal flowers, Labdanum.citizenqueen