Marie Claire Magazine November 2009

Sharon Stone Marie Claire Russia November 2009

American actress Sharon Stone gives a new look for the cover page of women’s magazine Marie Claire Russia for their November 2009 issue. Sharon Stone, is so ready for her new close-up that almost made you forget about Basic Instinct 2.


Reese Witherspoon Marie Claire Australia November 2009

The Hollywood Golden Girl Reese Witherspoon gets tough on the cover page of fashion magazine Marie Claire Australia for the month of November 2009. She can radiate such warmth, charm, and humor and joking about her cellulite and stretch marks.


Hilary Swank Marie Claire US November 2009

American actress Hilary Swank is the cover star of the fashion magazine Marie Claire US for the month of November 2009. Hilary is ready to takeoff with a hot romance and happier than she’s ever been, the driven star of Amelia eyes a limitless horizon. Hilary-Swank-Marie-Claire-US-November-2

Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2009

Megan Fox Cosmopolitan Italy November 2009

Hollywood actress Megan Fox is the cover girl for showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan Italy for their November 2009 issue. Beyond her physical beauty, Megan Fox is looking predictably graceful in a cheetah print on the cover page. Megan Fox talks about her next movie “Passion Play” alongside Mickey Rourke.


Christina Aguilera Cosmopolitan UK November 2009

American pop singer Christina Aguilera boarded on the cover page of showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan UK for the month of November 2009. In the interview, Christina Aguilera said she has always believed that a woman is more sexy than a man, although she have been married a man, and has a lovely son, but she is still confident she can hooked man.


Charlize Theron Cosmopolitan Russia November 2009

American actress Charlize Theron dressed in all Black for the cover page of showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan Russia for the month of November 2009. The Oscar-winning actor may also may be one of the feistiest free thinkers in Hollywood. She once aspired to be a ballerina, she can swear like a lost trucker running low on diesel.


Rihanna Cosmopolitan Georgia October November 2009

American singer Rihanna is the cover face of the showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan Georgia for the month of October-November 2009. Barbadian singer recently streamed her new single Russian Roulette online.


Katherine Heigl Cosmopolitan Serbia October 2009

American actres Katherine Heigl dressed for the cover page of showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan Serbia for the month of October 2009 issue. Two years ago, 28-year-old Katherine Heigl, or simply Katie to friends, was just another beautiful blond actress making the rounds in Hollywood. Although under the radar, she’d been working pretty steadily since age 9, appearing in films like Bride of Chucky and the TV series Roswell.


Kim Kardashian Cosmopolitan US November 2009

American socialite Kim Kardashian becomes the cover star for the showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan US for the month of November 2009. Bad Girl Issue of the magazine brighten up about her dating, her infamous relationship with Ray J and her new fragrance.


Thalia – Glamour Magazine November 2009

ThaliaThal?a grace the cover of November 2009 issue of Glamour M?xico magazine.

Thal?a is a Mexican pop singer and former actress. Her name is linked to popular soap operas (or telenovelas) which made her famous. Thalia began her musical career at the age of 9. Her soap operas have been watched by over one billion people. She is a multi-platinum recording artist and married to music executive Tommy Mottola. Amor a la Mexicana, is considered to be Thalia’s best-selling album. 06a normal_0210


Emmy Rossum at the 2009 Gentlemen Ball

Celebrities Attending The Gentleman's Ball In NYCEmmy Rossum steps out in head-to-toe Ferragamo at the GQ Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City on Wednesday (October 28).
The “Mystic River” actress was turning heads wherever she went as she arrived at the Edison Ballroom sporting a sexy black and grey dress with black heels.Ms. Rossum’s personal style has always been unique and inspiring, and in a recent interview she revealed how she decides what to wear.Emmy explained, “It’s constantly changing. I’m influenced by a lot of costumes, and sometimes I’ll go to the museum and look at the Grecian draping. It makes me feel really jazzed, and makes me want to wear something like that. That’s how I kind of feel tonight.”

Celebrities Attending The Gentleman's Ball In NYCgq gentlemans ball 291009

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore at the 2009 Gentlemen Ball

SPL135401_014They’re always up for a swanky industry event, and last night (October 28) Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were spotted at the 2009 Gentlemen’s Ball in New York City.
The “Butterfly Effect” stud and his “Ghost” gal looked so happy together as they arrived at the Edison Ballroom and posed for pictures before heading inside.In related news, Mr. Kutcher is back on the television track, as he’ll be producing a drama for CBS and Showtime comedy based on writings by Augusten Burroughs.Burroughs told press, “I’m a chimpanzee stepping behind the wheel of a Ferrari. As long as somebody from [Kutcher’s company] Katalyst, CBS, or Showtime is there to shout, ‘Red means stop,’ we should all be fine and come out of this with some very nice television.”

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Charlize Theron at OneXOne Charirty

58721785Celebrities go to great lengths to support charities, but Charlize Theron recently went above and beyond the usual charitable duty.
During a live auction during a gala for the OneXOne Charirty in San Francisco, the blonde actress was auctioning off a trip to South Africa that included World Cup tickets, a safari and a meet-and-greet with Nelson Mandela.
When the 34-year-old actress wasn’t getting the bids she wanted, she decided to raise the stakes and auction off a 7 second kiss to go along with the travel package!And just a few moments later, the winning bidder took the stage. A woman – who won the bidding at $140,000 – got what she paid for and more – a 20-second smooch on the lips from Charlize Theron!


Anne Hathaway at the 18th Annual Empire State Pride

anneShe’s no stranger to swanky industry events, and last night (October 22) Anne Hathaway was spotted at the 18th Annual Empire State Pride Agenda Fall Dinner.
The “Princess Diaries” actress looked amazing as she arrive at the Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, sporting a strapless black dress with black stockings and black heels.As for upcoming projects, it sounds like Anne will be voicing a character for the new Blue Sky Studios production “Rio.”Joining Neil Patrick Harris, Miss Hathaway will begin working on the film in the months to come, with a 2011 release date.

anne-hathaway-10229-1anne-hathaway-10229-2 anne-hathaway-10229-3anne-hathaway-10229-4

Hollywood Hotties: Fashion Group International 2009 Night of Stars

nightIt’s no secret that celebrities love high-profile industry events, and last night (October 22) a who’s who of Hollywood hotties showed up for Fashion Group International’s 2009 Night of Stars.
Gwen Stefani was all smiles as she arrived at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City, sporting a leggy black dress with black stockings and black heels.Also in the house was Emmy Rossum, who charmed the paparazzi in her shiny gold halter-style dress, while Eva Mendes kept things short and sweet in a grey cleavage-baring ensemble.
And the night was full of memorable appearances by the likes of burlesque queen , actress Evan Rachel Wood, and singer Mary J. Blige.

night of stars arrivals 231009night of stars arrivals 2 231009 night of stars arrivals 221009night of stars arrivals 221009night of stars arrivals 221009The 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars AwardsThe 26th Annual Night Of Stars Awards

Naomi Watts: In SoHo with Alexander Pete

naomiSpending time with her boy, Naomi Watts was out walking with Alexander Pete in SoHo on Thursday (October 22).
The celebrity mommy looked cute and casual in a khaki jacket, black leggings and black tank and comfy flats as she ran around town with her eldest child.Meanwhile, the “King Kong” cutie has stirred up questions since being spotted wearing a gold band on her wedding finger.The beautiful ring may be a hint that she and Liev Schreiber have gotten hitched.The sexy Hollywood couple have two children, Alexander, 2, and Samuel, 10 months. “I still can’t believe it when I look at my children that they come from one little moment and they’re people,” gushed Watts.The Australian also said that advertising funds her artistic decisions because she can choose less profitable movie roles.
“When things like that come along, you’re really flattered and also very relieved because … it helps to be able to say, OK, I’m going to go off and work for a number of weeks and be paid nothing basically and then be able to fall back on endorsements.”


naomi-watts-10229-3naomi-watts-10229-5 naomi-watts-10229-8

Eva Longoria: London Fog Fierce

SPL134170_001Looking ever-so-sexy, Eva Longoria stripped down as she and husband Tony Parker teamed up for their first ever photo shoot together.
The “Desperate Housewives” beauty and her basketball star hubby looked very much in love as they took part in the steamy shoot for the London Fog fashion line.
“It was a big love fest. The creative concept was a romantic intimate moment, so it was a lot of Eva and Tony standing really close and nuzzling,” said Dari Marder of London Fog.
“They were like, ‘This is the easiest job we’ve ever done.’ What was so sweet is that Eva asked if we could have a couple of portraits printed for her. She said she had never asked for that before, but she wants to put them in her home,” Marder added.

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