Hande Yener-Queen of European Pop Music

handeHande Yener is a Turkish pop superstar.Over the past decade, she has introduced different styles to the ever expanding,turkish pop music scenary.
Besides the different experiments Hande tackles with music, her looks and image are also going through a constant change which arguably, blends in well with the sort of music she releases at the time.

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Hande was nominated for Best Turkish Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, only to be beaten by Emre Ayd?n.Hande Yener confirmed that she goes to United Kingdom to make a new English Album, from the record label EMI.In my opinion Hande is the queen of european pop music.
Best singles to her career: Acele Etme ,Kelep?e ,A?k?n Ate?i ,Bir Yerde ,Hipnoz ,Romeo.The last single is Hayrola.

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