Forbes Magazine Has Made The List Of The Most Healthy Food On The Earth

red20berriesForbes Magazine has published the list of the most useful products to people’s health without dependence from country of origin, culinary tradition or a medical diet.

newsBerries are ranked as such products, nuts and bean, entering into the menu of all long-livers. And the garnet juice promoting pressure lowering and in struggle against cancer cells, is in addition named a “natural viagra”.
Forbes denies the guarded relation of authors of some popular diets in the world toward meat, asserting that natural meat of the cattle grown on green pastures is one of the healthiest products, which are necessary for ability of the person to live.

Colorful vegetables and fruitsTo the list of nutritious components vital for an organism are added a fresh milk and eggs, and also the salmon caught in ocean, instead of grown up by farmers.

The magazine reminds that in the world there are no “bad” vegetables, especially it marks nutritional value of cabbage – whether it is usual, a broccoli or Brussels cabbage. Salutary force of an apple also is checked up by the long history of mankind, putting it on top of fruit preferences.
photolibraryThe onion and garlic are certainly recommended to a diet of those who cares of the longevity. And, of course, among drinks a health elixir keeps superiority – well-known green tea.
All listed products for preservation of their curative properties need to be used crude or with minimum processing, believes Forbes.


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