Why do we love Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Jennifer Lawrence we remember her as brightest, unforgettable exits on the red carpet and bold jokes – in short, everything the whole world love her for.

August 15 marks the 25th anniversary of the brightest representative of the young Hollywood – Jennifer Lawrence. In honor of the holiday FashionPeopleBlog not only talks, but also it shows why the birthday girl is simply impossible not to love.

For independence
Jennifer has 14 years knew that would be an actress: on vacation, she persuaded my mother to take her to New York to find an agent and began a career in film. After several plays successfully passed a future star got first offers of roles in television series. Returning to his native Louisville, Lawrence agreed with teachers on external studies, then returned to New York and began to conquer the television, and then the silver screen.

For success
First roles Jennifer Lawrence played in various TV series and TV shows were roles in “Detective Monk,” “Billy Ingvall,” “Cold Case.” Her first starring role on the big screen she played in the drama “House of Poker.” And you notice it in the film “The Burning Plain,” which, despite participating in the project of famous actresses like Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger, flopped at the box office. Critics nevertheless praised the play Lawrence: at the Venice Film Festival in 2008, she received the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actress. Two years later, 20-year-old (!), Jennifer was nominated for “Oscar” (for Best Actress in the film “Winter’s Bone”), and three years later took the cherished statuette home (Best Supporting Actress in “My boyfriend – crazy ! “).

For grace
However, despite the great successes and achievements Jennifer Lawrence, many will long remember her fall at the award ceremony “Oscar” in 2013. Any other woman in her place would have felt like in an episode of shame. But Jennifer did not lose face, and as if nothing had happened took an honorary award, and a year later … again fallen! But not on the stairs, and immediately on the red carpet, in an attempt to keep his balance clutching his back walking in front of a woman. Maybe Jennifer decided to sneer at himself and deliberately repeated fall? Not assert, but, if so, we can only applaud its ability to laugh at themselves.


For directness
In an interview with the various publications Lawrence repeatedly recognized that early career producers forced her to lose weight, and threatened to fire if she did not part with a certain amount of kilos than often brought her to tears. However, now that Jennifer deserved status as a world movie star, it will no longer have to sit on diets:

I know more than me nothing like this will happen. And if someone even tries to whisper to me the word “diet”, I will send him to hell.

It’s better I’ll look plump on the screen and as a person – in life.

Waking up after the first of the famous “Hunger Games” star Jennifer got sick sickness and has not lost touch with reality. It remains themselves, in spite of the incredible popularity that struck her. How did she do it? As she told Lawrence, she helps her friends – are honest and faithful, as well as herself:

I hate lies and hypocrisy! My close people are not afraid to say everything as is, “Jane, stop this immediately!” Or “You look terrible in that dress.” And certainly do not laugh at my bad joke.

Once again in Revelation we have seen Jennifer after hacker attack, when the network flowed candid shots of her and many other women. Among the injured Lawrence was the one who did not hesitate to officially comment on the situation, and then contact the law enforcement agencies and to initiate an investigation of the incident:

Anyone who watched these photos caused me offense. They should be ashamed. After all, I did not allow anyone to look at my naked pictures. It is sexual assault and violence.

For a sense of humor and funny facial expressions
Jennifer Lawrence is famous not only for his work in film, but also its immediate demeanor at various ceremonies and prim the red carpet. It is enough to her memorable joke on Taylor Swift. During the interview, which Swift gave Ryan Seacrest famous TV presenter in the background there was Lawrence. She pretended stalks Taylor, crouched at the same time a terrible grimace. I do not miss the occasion the actress amuse others and at a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week. Jennifer had a nice conversation with his colleague Emma Watson when the photographer decided to capture them together. At the request of the paparazzi to hug Emma, Lawrence whirled and suddenly grabbed a colleague’s face. Special mention deserve and grimaces Lawrence, who she did not hesitate to show to the public – during numerous interviews, TV shows, and even on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence funny

For Katniss
Of course, the most well-known to a wide audience the role of Jennifer Lawrence – rebellious Katniss Everdeen, the main character of anti-utopian franchise “The Hunger Games,” a brave and strong woman with a steely gaze. There is no doubt that Jennifer is very close in spirit to her character, there are not only fans of the franchise, but also the author of the book series of the same name, which served as its basis. Susan Collins personally endorsed the candidacy of Lawrence.
Jennifer – just incredible actress! Very strong and at the same time vulnerable, beautiful, unforgiving and brave. I did not expect that we will find an actress who is so perfect for the role. – these are the words of Suzanne Marie Collins, the autor of “Hunger Games”.

By the way, she did not immediately Jennifer Lawrence agreed to participate in the project – first she refused the role, but after three days of deliberation yet accepted the offer of producers. As explained later an actress, she clearly understood how much shooting in a major franchise will change her life. Jennifer agreed after consulted with my mother, and it is recognized that has never its decision not regretted.

For the “love affair” with Bradley Cooper
Creative tandem of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper is haunted by journalists. Still, even a movie where the actors play lovers, enough to arouse suspicion of the press in the novel behind the scenes, and when the joint projects for four of three years (the first – “My boyfriend – crazy!” – Was released in 2012, and in the end of 2015 will be released in theaters recent work – biographical drama “Joey”), rumors certainly not be avoided. It is not surprising that, when the beginning of the year Cooper broke up with his girlfriend, the model, the world waited: Now a secret affair becomes clear. But no, after a while it became known that the relationship did not associate the actor with a colleague on the set, and with the model Irina Shayk. And Jennifer, and all have always claimed that the 40-year-old Bradley is too old for her – and did not seem to prevaricate.

For inability to sing …
and dance!

Manicure for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

How to make a manicure

For hands and nails always look well-groomed, you need about once a week to do a manicure. This procedure can perform a master in the beauty salon – quickly and accurately. But, in some there is no possibility to do a manicure in the salon, in other time and desire. We advise you to learn how to do a manicure at home yourself. With a little practice, and your nails will look as if you regularly visit a beauty salon!

Types of manicure

There are many types of manicure and above all, it is to determine what is best for you.

Edged or classic

The treatment of the classic manicure includes cuticle removal using tweezers or sharp metal nail scissors. Manicure suit owners of coarse and thick cuticle. This kind of the most traumatic. Inadvertently, you can get hurt, cut too much skin. Because of this inflammation can occur, as further will become coarse cuticle and begin to grow more rapidly.

Non-edged (European)

This type of manicure includes cuticle removal using special tools on the basis of soft acids (milk and fruit). Edged manicure for women with thin and delicate skin of the hands. Means and painlessly dissolve the cuticle gently.

The whole process takes much less time than with the classic manicure. However, this method does not remove the cuticle suited to owners of sensitive skin, as on components of the agent may be allergic.

12 tools required for manicure

This arsenal is simply necessary to perform high-quality manicure.

1. The sharp nail scissors
If you plan to radically change the length of your nails, the nail clippers are handy.

2. Nail File
Do not use metal nail files, they injure the nails, which then begin to exfoliate. It is better to buy a glass nail file or nail file on a cardboard base with fine-grained abrasive coating. First, by the way, will last you much longer than the second.

3. Metal tweezers, if you do a cut manicure.
When purchasing tweezers note the material from which they are made. Those that are made of surgical steel, long remain sharp.

4. Stick of an orange tree or a metal blade, which you will push back the cuticle.

5. The necessary funds for the trays: olive oil, sea ​​salt, essential oils and so on.

6. Nail polish remover
Choose the one that does not contain acetone. This liquid is easily and gently remove nail polish and do not harm them. If you have nail polish remover with acetone, the experts advise to add to it a little glycerin. It will keep the moisture inside the nail, which is usually “picks” acetone, allow to ruin or nails. Remove nail polish with this cocktail is also easy.

7. Cotton balls or discs
Helps remove nail polish and around the nail bed.

8. Softening oil for cuticles
Apply before its removal procedure.

9. Cuticle Remover
It helps to quickly remove the cuticle without scissors.

10. Hand Cream
You must use all the time, the skin is soft and does not peel off.

11. The base coat and hardener
Allow varnish to hold on longer nails.

12. Nail Polish
It is best to have a large range to choose the mood and dress ensemble.

How to make a perfect manicure
Technique manicure: 4 stages
If you follow all the steps of performing a manicure, your nails will look beautiful and healthy.

1. Tray
If you decide to do manicure, be sure to hand bath. This procedure softens the cuticles and can be removed easily and without trauma.
Pour into a bowl of hot water so that you can immerse themselves in her fingers. Add two or three tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of colorless sea salt, a few drops of essential oils (eg lemon, which lightens yellowed nail plate).

The oil softens the skin and nourish your nails with valuable vitamins and salt will make them strong. Dip your fingers into this solution and keep about 10 minutes. Once the cuticle is soft, proceed to remove it.

2. Removing of the cuticle
Taking out one finger, slide the spatula or stick to the base of the nail cuticle.
We must act with sufficient force, but do not overdo it – you can damage the base of the nail. Then, using a sharp stick or side blades, clean from the remnants of cuticle skin.
f there are burrs, remove them with tweezers. Tweezer need to bite the skin, not to tear it. So you will avoid cuts.
If you do a not-cut manicure, cuticle is removed by special tools – cuticle remover.
Apply gel around the nail, not forgetting about the area under the nail.
Then gently remove with a stick tool with dissolved cuticle.
To put it better than all the fingers as remuver quite dries quickly. Treat two nail.
Many Manicurist advised to apply for removing cuticle on nails varnished. Since some of them have pretty aggressive compound that destructive effect on the nail plate.
3. Correction of nails
If you decide to shorten as much as possible their nails, use nail scissors. Clipped nails one confident movement.
Choose the future shape of the nail. Their are several: pointed, stiletto, oval, square, round. If you have long nails are strong, then you can afford to draw out the nails. And if you – the owner of weak nails, then they had better to square.
Shaping nails, direct sawing one way to nails are not sloilis. Note that all the nails are of equal length.
4. The application of laquer and care
If you want your nails to be OK, did not go beyond the boundaries of the nail, follow these instructions:
To start degrease nails by using nail polish remover to decorative coating is flat and without bubbles.
Apply a base coat, which not only protect them from the harmful effects of yellowing and nail polish, and align the nail surface.
Now take a little polish on the brush. Swipe the brush from the base to the edge of the nail.
The second and third take a swab from the base of the nail well, bringing a kind of brush arc toward the edges.
At the end, use the fixing coating that will give manicure shine and prolong his life.
If you hurry, please use the so-called “drying”. In total, however, a drop of “drying” at the base of the nail – and the nail polish dries almost instantly.
If you have gone over the edge of the nail, adjust the imperfections with a small brush, cotton swab and means for removal of a varnish.
Remember to always use a moisturizing or nourishing cream for hands that will relieve the skin from dryness and flaking. In addition, take care of the cuticle. Use nutritious oil, which should be rubbed into the cuticle until completely absorbed, and it will always look neat.

TV broadcaster refused to talk about the family Kardashian

Family KardashianUS TV broadcaster John Brown Fox35 Live refused to talk about the family Kardashian, informs The Independent. Speaker left the area, saying that his “sick of the topic.” The incident in the TV studio headed top the most talked about trends to Facebook.As the newspaper writes, Brown had read the morning news that the half-sister of TV star Kim Kardashian, 18-year-old Kylie Jenner, opened a pet rabbit and named it in honor of his father (who succeeded in 2015 her sex to female Bruce Jenner).“I have a great Friday mood, and I refuse to talk about the Kardashian” – said, leaving the frame, Brown. He proposed to his co-host of “get out the most.” Behind the scenes, he developed his idea, noting that “can no longer stand it,” because of the family in the show say it every day.
“Did you read the research findings? Nobody cares about this family! “- Continued to shout overs broadcaster.

Developments in the studio Fox35 quickly became one of the most talked about social networks in the US segment. “I am the number one trend for Facebook today. This is something unreal. With me it never was “- Brown wrote in his Twitter-account August 11.

The leading Instagram also published a screenshot of the table trends of the day on Facebook. The numerous comments to this post netizens expressed support for Brown. “You cool”, “Good for you, man” – wrote the Speaker, many of them.

Reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians demonstrated on the American television channel E! 2007. Currently, its popularity has decreased significantly compared to previous seasons, so that the first series of the fourth season of 4.67 million fans watched, and the first series of the ninth season – only 2.56 million viewers. Currently it demonstrated the tenth season of the reality show.

Ben Affleck met with the nanny of his children

ben-affleck-nanny-christine-ouzounian-beauty-jennifer-garner-splitWinner of the “Oscar” Ben Affleck recently announced divorce with actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he was married for ten years. The actress gave birth to Ben three children: two daughters and a son.
Since the announcement of the divorce took place just over a month, but there were rumors of a romance with the director of his children’s nanny Christine Ouzunyan. According to foreign media reports, she is now trying to convince Ben Affleck make joint child.
According to a friend of 28-year-old nanny, she fell in love with Ben as soon as they came to work with the children: “All that Christina wants now – the children of Ben Affleck, as well as to create a real family with him. At the moment, she is trying to convince the star. ”
Jennifer Garner has dismissed treacherous temptress, but Affleck is still found an opportunity to meet with the new lover. Especially for visits he paid to the nurse room in an expensive Californian Hotel Bel-Air for the next 3 months. Financial help is also an actor Christine.
Jennifer Garner to learn about the development of novel Ben and Christine started to communicate with her ex-husband through their common friends.

Smart clothing becomes real

Jeans Levi’s Commuter: water and coffee repellent

Levi's jeansThe line of Levi’s Commuter, according to the manufacturer, greatly facilitates the ever busy and hurrying the citizens living in the big city: in the women’s and men’s jeans, parks, shirts and jackets, you can hurry to spill coffee from a paper cup to take away, and they at the same time there will be nothing – even spots left. Clothing has proven experience in the water-repellent properties. One problem: jeans without spots can be forgotten in time to wash, but it is still not good.

Umbrella Senz Umbrellas: resistance to hurricane winds

Smart umbrellaModel weird asymmetric shape at first glance looks faulty, but it is a big mistake: the founder of the brand Senz Umbrellas Gervin Hogendoorn initiated experiments in a wind tunnel in order to create the perfect umbrella, able to withstand any wind forces. As often happens, the reason for the flight of scientific and engineering thought was a simple pragmatic: once the wind broke the week three common umbrella Gervin, and he decided that this needed to do something. According to the manufacturer, even a tropical squall with a speed of 80 kilometers per hour will turn not Senz Umbrellas and not break his spokes. In the experiment, of course, it’s better not to check – just the usual wind.

Top sconces AIRism, Uniqlo: shirt, bra and  lotion repealing

Smart Bra + LotionThe Japanese company has decided to bring the idea of ​​inexpensive and practical laundry to perfection (or to an absurdity), connecting in series AIRism top and bra cups. The girl has not necessarily wear a bra under tops and worry excessively if not top it clings. Not only that – it is possible and body lotion not to use: clothing fibers impregnated women’s collection moisturizer. How many washes it enough – is unknown. But prices have affordable range, you can always buy a new top, and put in the old store: Uniqlo organizes the collection of used clothing for charitable purposes.

Shoes Orson Lace, Clarks: water shoes with a function of auto – pour out

Smart shoes from ClarksBrand shoes Clarks collaborate yacht manufacturer Musto clothes and came up with shoes that are not only non-slip or on the deck of a boat, or in the city thanks to wear-resistant soles dirt Rock, not only massages the foot of the wearer special insole with balls Atsu, but can do little to pour out its water. Aqua DX design allows to expel fluid from the holes in the shoe heel portion of the insole, and then in the lateral openings of the sole. Water is sprayed into the hand, it does not form puddles under the outsole – slip becomes more difficult.

Backpack Isar Twin Touch Memory Tech, Côte & Ciel: variable geometry “body”

Smart bagBrand was founded in 2008 and is based in Paris hipster Marais. Style – deconstruction half with practicality: the brand began with the creation of accessories for the Apple gadgets and collaboration with Damir House continued joint collection with Comme des Garçons, Mykita, Beams, 10 Corso Como and Attachment. The model looks quite urbanistichno, but thanks to Adaptive belts able to expand and accommodate a range of things for a trip to the sea “savage.” Short, but still.

8 Jacket Rain Jacket 1 Reflective, GJO.E: Salvation cyclists from drivers

preview_0f2df4ab7ad62cad7a0bad313fb8d202Development of Russian designers, taking into account not yet fully established cycling culture in Russia. Mark Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion (GJO.E) with the participation of the creative team came up with Brandshop store easily and fully reflective jacket that helps prevent the impact of practically any driver on almost any cyclist arbitrarily dark night in the Russian off-road conditions. But it is better not to tempt fate and go on lighted trails to bike path.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the center of a conflict

Leonardo DiCaprio again in a conflictLeonardo DiCaprio sued the French magazine Oops! 8,000 euros for publishing false information. According to Gossip Cop, placed on the cover of the publication numbers for May 13, a joint photo of the actor and singer Rihanna with the caption: “Rihanna is pregnant by Leonardo: he does not want children.” Later, information about pregnancy has not been confirmed.

Seeing the magazine during his trip to Cannes, the actor sued by 18 thousand euros, which he demanded that the publication in damages and compensation for legal costs. It is noted that this amount, according to the French law, is the maximum for such a claim.

Owner log Frederic Truskolaski said in court that the editors did not know for sure about the Rihanna’s pregnancy. “We thought she might be pregnant. We were not sure about this, of course, “- he said. Later, he said that the edition was ready for such a court decision.

In January, it was reported about a love affair between Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. Later, however, the actor denied this information. In late July, DiCaprio started dating model Kelly Rohrbach, which is known in the modeling industry as Legs for her long and slender limbs.

The title Mrs. Russia got a mother of 6 children

Catherine Kirmel - Mrs. RussiaThe contest “Mrs Russia 2015″ won Ekaterina Kirmel from St. Petersburg, a mother of six children. This was reported on the official website of the show to Facebook.

In the final of the competition, a prerequisite for participation in the marriage and which have the presence of at least one child, passed 15 competitors aged 22 to 43 years. 11 participants were blondes and only four – brunettes, one of which eventually won the crown.

Catherine Kirmel 37 years old, she has two higher education, dances, is engaged in bodybuilding and athletics. Her eldest son, 17 years old, the youngest – 12. Daughters – 10, 9, 6 and 4 years old.

The contest “Mrs Russia” held since 1998, but has received wide recognition in 2013. Then his winner Inna Zhirkov, the wife of a football player Yuri Zhirkov, during an interview with TV presenter Boris Sobolev could not answer basic questions, and later abandoned the title. In 2015, the final of the competition took place in Moscow.

Naomi Campbell and A ’90s Supermodel Reunion

Recently, Naomi Campbell on the with CBS This Morning talked about her own TV show, The Face, and share heartfelt details about the people she’s closest, among them Nelson Mandela. The former president of South Africa, who died in December and referred to Naomi as his “honorary granddaughter appreciated very much the model and was very close to her.  In the show Campbell warmly reflected and said: “He meant everything to me. I ran to him always.”

Campbell also discussed the close bond between her fellow ’90s supermodels, sharing that Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, and Claudia Schiffer have been some of her closest friends throughout her career. “You’ll never get a group of us together like that again. You’ll get one here, one there—but as a whole you’ll never get it again.” Campbell did reveal that they’ll be reuniting for a special project in a few weeks but refused to discuss details.

90s models



Self-Washing Tyde Shirt

College kids who never do laundry is kind of a cliché in modern youth culture, but generations of parents can confirm this is absolutely true. This is why Tide created a series of clever self-washing shirts.

Tyde Shirt

The special promotional shirts feature a humorous theme representing crying mothers lost in despair. All of the illustrated mothers are surrounded by tears – tears that were caused by their dirty-shirted children. But those tears are more than they appear to be – they are actually tiny deposits of laundry detergent inside the t-Shirt. When the shirt comes out, it is clean and the “mother’s tears” are gone. The shirt is a totally gorgeous idea, but to be of any real use to college students it would need to be loaded with about a year’s worth of detergent.

Best shapes for eyeglasses and sunglasses

When it comes down to choosing your prescription glasses or sunglasses you need to know first what face shape you are and which glasses will complement better your facial expression and tone. Glasses nowadays represent your personality, life style and they became an importnat fashion item, especially to women.

Glasses should not only help to give a lift to your face but also have a complementary effect when wearing them. Here is the list of face shapes and type of glasses more suitable an attractive to every particular case.

Glasses Faceshapes

Oval face – it is considered the best face shape as it has the most balanced proportions and can generally pull off any style of glasses. However it is best to pick a frame that is as wide as or wider than the broadest part of the face.
Rectangle face – for that type select a distinctive, wide, horizontal frame with some weight at the top and bottom and rounded sides or with decoration on the temples to add fullness and width to this narrow face.
Inverted Triangle face –  for this type pick glasses that take the attention to the top rim of the frame like semi-rimless glasses on top and colored or thicker frame on the bottom.
Heart-shaped face – select frames which give the illusion of fullness at the cheek area, that bring balance between forehead and chin. To balance this out you may find it advisable to pick glasses that take the attention to the top rim of the frame and in this way glasses will accentuate the breadth in the lower half of your face.
Pear-shaped  face – select frames with a broad horizontal line at the top and little or no heaviness to the rest of the frame. This will bring balance to the wide jaw-line
Square-shaped face – Select a frame with not only straight horizontal lines to give the illusion of width, but also a narrow oval shape or anything with rounder, softer edges to give the illusion of roundness.
Round face– select softly angular, narrow frame or glasses with more width than depth give a more contoured shape. It will lengthen your face and make it appear thinner and try to avoid any big round glasses.
Diamond-shaped face – select frames that give a straight look to the top and bottom, giving the illusion of width.